• Start-Ups Case Study




An ever-growing number of, start-up products, companies, programs, and nonprofits have access to a wealth of new technology tools to kick-start and grow their business. Yet start-ups also face enormous demands on available time and resources on a daily basis. Whether bootstrapping, leveraging external funding, or crowdsourcing resources, savvy start-up leaders seek a combination of tools that can help them achieve near-term goals quickly, without jeopardizing long-term growth.

Core Issues

  • Engaging the target audience around the central goal of the start-up project is essential. Start-ups pay close attention to divining, crafting, and delivering their core message, and in implementing very strong follow-up systems for engaging potential clients and supporters.
  • Creating immediate value is critical, as start-ups need to demonstrate their progress early and often.
  • Start-ups seek simple, effective tools and systems, and recognize the importance of thoughtful implementation.

Our Approach

We offer a flexible approach to every startup project we take on, ensuring that strong goals can be met with the resources available. We partner to develop funding strategies for promising new projects, including collaboration on grant proposals, partnership-building, and funder development. We bring a proven framework for evaluating and launching innovative projects, offering a straightforward process for getting startups off the ground and on sound technology footing.

Profile: MONCA

The Museum of Northern California Art (MONCA) is a vehicle for regional communities to experience and create art for the sake of enjoyment, expression, social cohesion, innovation, and communication. The museum improves the public’s perception of art through vital educational programs that inspire enthusiasm and increase the quality of life of artists, art enthusiasts, and the public at large.


As a start-up organization, MONCA faced no shortage of urgent priorities. Introducing the new museum to the community through an attractive, engaging website was high on this list. MONCA required an efficient, cost-effective plan to create a new identity and branding; custom design and information architecture for its website; plus ideas for new engagement opportunities. 

Solutions and Impacts

MONCA’s needs fit well with FivePaths’ Website Accelerator Program. The program offers clients full immersion with our team, dramatically reducing the time and costs required to launch a compelling website with a modern CMS framework that supports easy content management.  

The entire website project was allotted a single week to complete, from project definition to launch. FivePaths worked with MONCA to identify and prepare all website and design requirements, as well as content and multimedia materials for the website. Side-by-side, MONCA and FivePaths built the content types; designed the branding and website theme; and developed templates and content management tools. 

Visitors to MONCA’s new website can now view a custom-configured slideshow and of gallery artists’ work, as well as a mobile responsive theme that allows visitors to easily explore the site from various mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms. Internally, MONCA can quickly find and edit pages, reducing the time required to manage content. In addition, custom-configured templates for each of MONCA’s content types make page creation and menu-management easy.

The Website Accelerator Program enabled MONCA to rapidly move its online strategy from concept to reality, preserving precious time and resources to complete other critical start-up projects. With full-team immersion, the FivePaths team was 100 percent focused on the job from beginning to end, an unparallelled level of service in today’s web development industry. Website project review moved quickly as FivePaths prototyped in real time all aspects of the project, allowing MONCA to easily compare presentation and functionality and make good decisions quickly.

Visit site: http://monca.org