About FivePaths

FivePaths is your full-service technology partner. Our approach is to combine a deep understanding of your organization's goals with our extensive technological and strategic resources. We help you plan and build your online presence, using proven and sustainable technology. We provide expert website and branding design and development for medium to large sites, helping you to manage web content more efficiently as you increase your online presence. As a proven expert in software evaluation and data integration, we know what tools work, and in what combinations.

FivePaths started "a long long time ago" as a partnership between Eric and Jason. We expanded since then to include designer/developers Francisco and Tyler and on a per-project basis with our most favorite freelance consultants. We are a small, elite team of professionals who enjoy a good challenge and will not rest until the project is complete — both from a quality and a requirements perspective.

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Jason Salter

Jason P. Salter

Jason wrote his first computer program in the sixth grade, designed and built a computer before finishing high school, and then headed to MIT to study... molecular biology. (Molecular biology makes sense when you think about DNA as "programming code," and recombinant DNA technology as the means to program organisms.) 

After receiving his PhD from the University of California, San Francisco in Biomedical Sciences, Jason's continued interest in programming led him back into the fast-paced field of computers. (Biological organisms being too slow.) The rise of cloud-based content frameworks, including CMS and CRM, created in irresistible opportunity to help everyone "program" via the internet. Jason has subsequently become an expert in developing, integrating, and deploying these technologies to solve a wide variety of client needs.

Jason lives in Palo Cedro, California with his wife Irene. When he is not working on ways to make technology easier and more helpful, Jason enjoys entertaining friends with cooking, cocktails, and endless nerdly conversation.

Eric Leland

Eric Leland

Eric Leland has spent the last 20 years working with local, state and federal government, transit agencies and progressive organizations tackling online and offline technology challenges. As the founder and director of Leland Design, Eric focuses on strategic technology planning, website and database planning, development, and implementation for entities including the US Department of Labor, the City of San Francisco, progressive health and human services organizations, human rights groups, and environmental advocacy groups. Eric served as the director of TechCommons at TechSoup.org, one of the nation's most comprehensive nonprofit technology assistance organizations. Eric directed technology activists seeking solutions to systemic nonprofit technology issues, leveraging the latest online community tools to engage nonprofits and solution providers to contribute to lasting solutions.

Eric currently serves as a board member with Trout Unlimited, and served on the board of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network and the Addiction Technology Transfer Center, and and as a member of the Tech Underground and the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network.

Beth Brockman

Francisco Cortez

Beth is an experienced project & client manager and website administrator, with a keen eye focused on team progress and quality, while helping to keep projects on time and budget.

Beth is instrumental in evaluating system design and engineering approaches to make sure our team is considering the best options available for each use case when building out web based technologies. Her eye for detail, and ability to quickly arrive at common-sense workflows to solve editorial tasks is critical to building systems that can be easily adopted by our clients, and to remain sustainable over many years.

Often working behind the scenes, Beth helps to provide website configuration and to organize multiple streams of communications and requirements into a process that works for all stakeholders involved. Beth is a “regular person” who tests all of our tools for quality, including functionality, usability and presentation.

Tyler Brown Cifu Shuster

Inke A. Noël

Tyler brings full stack programming experience, building lasting website CMS and data CRM solutions using configurable tools and lightweight integrations that are elegant and highly refined. He has a natural talent for quickly parsing complex problems and building strong, sustainable solutions. He masters obscure legacy software quickly, providing invaluable service to our many projects involving migration from outdated systems. His work is focused on sustainability, as he builds straightforward and easy to maintain solutions on robust frameworks, ensuring his solutions remain strong for many years.

Jens-Peter Jungclaussen

Jens-Peter Jungclaussen

A serial entrepreneur, with a masters in P.E. and Biology plus a masters in Education all earned in Germany, Peter brings a clear perspective to the whole message of your company and has a keen ability to synthesize your ideas and visions into new designs and innovative concepts. His creative mind never stops, so he’s also working with Further by Design (http://furtherbydesign.com) to develop a new kind of “city challenge”, as well as running his own business, TeacherBus (http://teacherbus.com), which takes 4000 kids out to nature programs and on field trips. He also provides transportation for private parties and corporate events in the bay area with his biodiesel and solar powered fleet. Peter brought public viewing events to San Francisco in 2006 and was essential in co-producing the successful World Cup Soccer Screenings in 2010 and 2011, as well as the Olympics in 2012 in front of Civic Center with the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department.

Inke A. Noël

Inke A. Noël

Armed with a business degree from Skidmore College, Inke Noël, founder and principal of InkëDesign, arrived in San Francisco in 1999, and decided to tap back into her creative side. With over 14 years of professional experience she knows how to make a brand stronger by reaching it’s target audience. Her clean and functional aesthetic has satisfied clients that range from independent artists and small businesses to the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department where she has been responsible for the entire rebranding since 2010. She enjoys the collaborative process and proudly executes new visions as a team. This can only be done after understanding the brand, the vision, the mission, and the client’s goals while spending time with not only with the client, but also the client base and other collaborators.