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Fortune 500


Customers first. Companies seek to reflect the voice of their customers in the solutions they deploy. Modern technology affords enterprises large and small the opportunity to compete on more level playing fields, creating more opportunities and more competition to be the first choice among many options.

Core Issues

  • Companies must provide excellent customer service to stay competitive. Those that are successful companies will deploy easy-to-use systems that are available on demand, increasing service availability and resources while reducing overhead.
  • By targeting the operational improvements that most impact the bottom line, companies seek to leverage technology growth to solve their most important challenges.
  • Employees, managers, and executives remain most productive when they have access to straightforward technology tools, and support to use shared enterprise systems to their fullest.

Our Approach

We focus in on highly relevant, data-driven analysis to effectively shape your technology to meet your goals. We collaborate across teams to reinvent and re-energize your technology. FivePaths partners with companies seeking to broaden the reach of their products and services through smart, targeted operational improvements involving ecommerce, SEO, design, content, and data management. 

Profile: Cisco Systems, Inc

Cisco has evolved from Enterprise and Service Provider solutions to addressing customer needs in many other areas including Small, Consumer, and Commercial. As a Fortune 100 company, Cisco ranked among the top 10 "Best Companies to Work For."


Cisco invests in web technologies and teams that can scale and support millions of customers worldwide. Precision in deliverables and timing is crucial to maintaining project flow. Cisco relies on flexible, rapid-response action from technology implementation partners that can guarantee superb, punctual, and on-spec delivery. 

Solutions and Impacts

FivePaths helped Cisco determine in advance the potential risks for each technology project and their options for high-quality solutions given the project scope and time restraints. We interfaced with multiple internal and external teams for each product we developed, and collaborate to determine the most effective path for developing and integrating our work with the Cisco web infrastructure.  This work ensured that Cisco teams remained focused on the right problems, and find the best solutions for excellent results.

FivePaths provided development strategy and implementation on a range of projects, including the Cisco.com homepage development projects and front-end systems for supporting Cisco partner customers. We examine the technology stack and how our solutions would affect each layer and teams involved, and developed solutions that integrate trouble-free, removing bottlenecks in the process during related deployment work. We provided custom development services, using languages and frameworks including Dojo, PHP, CSS, and various API technologies. The result? A cost effective, enduring solution.

Visit site: http://www.cisco.com