• Media Case Study




Transformations in digital media have profoundly impacted media-centered organizations. From periodical- and book-publishing to radio, television, and film, new-media technologies have opened up opportunities for reaching and interacting with much larger audiences. These changes have forced organizations to dramatically rethink systems for conceiving, producing, and disseminating text and multimedia content. 

Core Issues

  • Implementing new business models and systems to increase media consumption requires significant change management and systems overhauls, with careful attention to overall sustainability as well.
  • Media organizations seek to extend the value of both new and existing content through systems and partnerships that enhance the ability to find, use, and share media.
  • As new technologies render content creation and broadcasting accessible to more individuals and entities large and smallas well as small and large teams, established media firms seek to maintain their influence and refocus on their core audience by mixing outside leads and content with their own.

Our Approach

FivePaths takes an audience-centered approach to discover what media constituents demand and how they want to receive it. In working with our nonprofit publisher, television, film, radio, and new media producers, we zero in on a combination of content creation and delivery tools that increase constituent engagement and remain sustainable for staff teams to adopt and use over the long term.

Profile: Emmy Archive for American Television

The Television Academy Foundation is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the history of television, and educating those who will shape its future. As part of its archive, the Foundation has recorded over 600 long-form videotaped interviews with Emmy-winning television legends.


The Emmy Archive for American Television needed a cost-effective solution to digitizing, cataloging, and making available online thousands of hours of video. Delivering this video online through a straightforward navigation that could be viewed by categories and tags was critical to ensuring the right video segments would be easily found and viewed. Integrating the video digitizing, streaming, cataloguing, content-management, and social media systems was a core goal for ensuring a seamless, interactive experience for both the public and behind-the-scenes.

Solutions and Impacts

FivePaths collaborated with the Emmy Archive for American Television and partner teams to make interviews with winners of Emmy Awards publicly accessible via the web for the first time. Our project integrated with several online systems, including marketplace advertising libraries, digital video processing, and media assets libraries to produce an automated web publishing system. Using Drupal CMS integrated with online-cataloguing, video-digitizing, and streaming services, we provided Archive curators with tools to automatically transform their detailed interview description information and media assets to web pages, enabling thousands of hours of rich content to be published with minimal effort. 

A key challenge was in architecting a combination CRM and media-management tools into one attractive online presentation, using Drupal CMS as the unifying solution. We focused on building structured database relationships between Emmy winners, interviews, topics, TV shows, television professions, and more to produce a rich online library of searchable information. We layered on Drupal publishing and workflow tools to allow for easy engagement by curators, and implemented a system to maintain automated publishing on a regular basis.

The result has been a website with a wealth of rich, one-of-a-kind historical archive of television, based on a straightforward system that can be easily managed by a small team of dedicated content curators. An automated system that allows new content to be published with the push of a button continues to save the organization thousands of hours of labor, and has ensured that new video and descriptive content is published quickly.

Visit site: http://www.emmytvlegends.org