• Government Case Study




In addition to the typical IT-management concerns shared with private-sector businesses, public sector agencies must navigate detailed regulation regimes, annual funding re-approval, and the frequent restructuring of mission and roles. The public has seen IT dramatically change their daily lives, and have grown to expect modern web and data tools to serve their needs. Government agencies are working hard to meet these expectations as well.

Core Issues

  • As government agencies reorganize frequently, maintaining momentum in implementing technology strategies — from driving implementation projects to ongoing training — can be a recurring challenge.
  • Federal, state, and local agencies are often are supported through a diverse array of legacy processes and technology solutions. They seek smart solutions that capitalize on the best of their current systems, and strategically invest in new technologies to make up any gaps.
  • The push to provide open government through new technology requires a balanced approach to supporting disclosure, engagement, and participation, while at the same time maintaining safety, and security, and clear guidelines.

Our Approach

In working with federal, state, and local government agencies, FivePaths implements optimum technologies while complying with existing regulations and requirements. Our experience in these areas allows us to quickly navigate the vendor-acquisition and contracting processes and proceed directly to your IT project. FivePaths is on the federal GSA Schedule 70, and is registered as an approved vendor with several state and local government agencies. We bring transparent, open processes and technology that agencies can easily operate and sustain over the long term, while maintaining security and safety for all users.

Profile: U.S. Department of Labor YouthBuild

The U.S. Department of Labor YouthBuild program helps low-income young people ages 16 to 24 work toward their GEDs or high school diplomas, learn job skills, and serve their communities by building affordable housing — transforming their own lives and their roles in society.


The DOL YouthBuild USA program seeks to support member groups, administrators, and youth contractors with recommended best practices for managing their work. A key challenge is to provide thousands of teams on the ground with ready information for building top-quality homes. An additional challenge is to provide team managers and affiliate organizations the organizational development tools required to run effective programs and services.

Solutions and Impacts

FivePaths works with the DOL YouthBuild program to produce online resources for sustainable construction practices and YouthBuild program support. We provid attractive, easily navigable online resources for a variety of projects, including CMS solutions for the YouthBuild Shades of Green and YouthBuild Handbooks, as well as strategic and development support for YouthBuild online communities of practice.  

The vast and deep resources available through the Department of Labor are both a boon and a challenge. FivePaths works closely with many stakeholders on communication and project-management strategies to keep the project both efficient and easygoing. Our collaborative team includes content developers, project managers, instructional designers, and web-design and development experts working on all aspects of the project, from strategic planning through development and implementation. 

We continue to provide ongoing support to help keep YouthBuild’s websites secure and trouble-free, and to address new feature requests as the programs grow and change. These ongoing services include social media strategy, software and vendor research, strategic technology consulting, and training workshops on content management systems.

Visit site: http://www.ybshadesofgreen.org